Since 2007 Percy Community Centre have been developing and delivering high quality music and media projects.  These projects integrate a wide variety of topical content in to accessible creative activities, allowing participants to express themselves and learn new skills whilst engaging with issues or concepts relevant to them. We are now offering this capacity as a reasonably priced service to other groups who may wish to develop similar activities for their staff, or user groups to engage in. We are able to work with groups to develop new projects to suit their interests and curriculum, help them locate funding sources, provide suitable content to support applications and deliver tailor made projects to their target group.


We can offer workshops and courses in:

- Digital Music

- Song Writing

- Professional Music Development

- Radio Programming

- Private 1 to 1 tuition & production services

- Film Making


From just £115 per session for up to 10 people.


Digital Music Workshops:

Courses aimed at establishing the skills required in order to produce music using computers.

Taught using a variety of software from free, to industry professional, we can work with any range of ability to help participants compose, arrange and produce music. Whether its original composition, re-mixing, or just working from 'loops' we can have even complete beginners getting great results within a few hours.


Song Writing Workshops:

Courses aimed at learning and utilizing various writing and performing skills as well as developing stage presence, confidence and vocal training. For groups interested in creating their own original music we can teach all the skills involved in popular music composition. The activities help to build confidence and ability for those who want to perform, whilst developing lyric writing, instrumental work and other song writing skills


Music Development Courses:

Courses aimed at developing the skills required to become independent in the music industry and establish a career as a professional musician.

These sessions cover the background work that is needed is someone wants to promote themselves in the music business. We can cover marketing, web site development and creating press kits, writing biographies, contacting venues and radio stations, and much more.


Radio Programming:

Courses to write, record and produce radio programmes.

These courses cover research, scheduling, presentation and production of radio programmes. Ideal for small groups, team working and issue based working. Projects can result in short programmes that can be taken away on CD or uploaded to the internet to be shared with wider groups.


Private 1 to 1 tuition and production services:

Private lessons aimed at teaching various skills in music production, recording and engineering. Also available, music production services where we can assist you in engineering a piece of music that you can own at the end of the session.


Film making:

Courses to storyboard, film and edit short films

These courses deal with the basics involved in short film production, using free software and easily accessible equipment we can work with participants in groups or as individuals to create their own content quickly and easily. This is ideal for short projects that yield impressive results.