Percy After School Club

Percy After School Club is an inclusive childcare service provided by and managed by Percy Community Centre. It was set up in 2009 and is based at St Andrew's Church School in Bath. It currently provides places for up to 30 children

How does the service work?

Percy After School Club runs 5 nights a week out of St Andrews School during term time (Monday to Friday). The sessions are easy to book using our online service in advance or for last minute bookings you can call the office.

The session is broken down into two halves. You can either book your child into the early session 3.00pm until 4.30pm or the late session, 4.30pm until 6.00pm. Alternatively they can spend the entire session with us from 3pm until 6pm.

Registrations and bookings

Libacura, the booking system we've been using previously, closed down at the end of March. We're switching to one called KidsClubHQ. Unfortunately it is necessary for everyone to re-register. To do so please go to this link:

KidsClubHQ has two types of bookings – contract bookings and ad-hoc bookings. With contract bookings you book a regular session for the full term, e.g. every Monday and Thursday, early session. Ad-hoc bookings are one-off bookings.

Contract bookings are explained in more detail here.

And ad-hoc bookings here.

You can have a mix of the two. Once registered you click on 'My Bookings' for ad-hoc bookings or on 'My Contracts' for contract bookings.

At time of writing there is no provision for childcare vouchers under payments. This will be updated as soon as possible.

In order to accept a child at the Club we will need parent/guardian details, emergency contact numbers, a collection password and details of any special requirements such as medication.

If you need any help please contact us.

Who is the service for?

It is available to all children who attend St Andrew's school, with staff trained to take children as young as 2 years old from the attached nursery.

How much does it cost?

£7 for half a session
£12 for a full session


Because of Covid-19 restrictions each half-session is now limited to a maximum of 24 children. We will not be able to exceed this number so please make sure you book a place in time (and also please notify us in good time of any cancellations).

Because of the smaller session numbers and additional staffing I'm afraid it's been necessary to increase the cost of a half-session from £6 to £7 but a full session remains at £12.

To contact the after-school staff during club sessions you can phone 07 468 438 498. At other times please contact the main Percy office (see below) or email